Hottest Trends: Eclectic

While styles are timeless, trends are hot


It’s bold, it’s rich, and definitely eye-catching. But more than anything, it’s everywhere these days. The eclectic trend is one of the most popular approaches when it comes to interior design. But for the naked eye, this trend looks like an orderly chaos.

The eclectic trend proposes a unique aesthetic. It is based on different styles of furniture, patterns that shouldn’t go together, and an unexpected colour palette. Adding some standout pieces and refined finishes will result in a surprising harmony of senses.



Build your Eclectic Colour Palette

To achieve a rich but balanced eclectic mood, you need to focus on one main idea: choose a bold accent colour and tone it down with lovely neutrals. Don’t be afraid to experiment with colour layering, for more depth. This way, you build a strong colour base that allows further pattern matching. 



The right use of shapes & materials

Eclectic is all about textures and mixes of periods and styles. Bring in modern pieces with clean lines and combine them with bulkier ones, or vintage inspired. For the desired atmosphere, use different materials that make each other stand out. Marble or glass greatly complement luxurious fabrics like velvet or leather. Prints are always a must and can be used in wallpapers, fancy rugs, or accessories, for charming rhythm and repetition.  



Don’t forget about statement pieces 

Did we mention eclectic design must be bold? Then add some more powerful items that will steal the spotlight. Consider the size of your room and dare to play. Your statement focus can be an artwork, a decorative piece, or a daring furniture item.