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While styles are timeless, trends are hot

Find out what's trendy in the world of interior and outdoor design. Fashionable furniture, colours, shapes, and more.

White and Light

White and light furniture, decoration ideas, and amazing tips for integrating this trend into your décor.

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Velvet is stylish, warm, and a real eye-catcher. Discover everything about the velvet trend and how to bring it into your home.   

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Gold accents

Brighten up your interior with some gold details. The gold accents trend helps you create a trendy and modern interior.    

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Meet the hottest interior design trends of 2022

Interior design trends help you understand more about home décor. A balanced home design follows a certain style. Meanwhile, trends represent the cherry on top. Interior trends are so versatile that you can only use accent details to make them your own. Discover our tips and tricks, interior ideas, and more matching the interior design trends of 2022!

Draw inspiration from the latest interior design trends

If you need a bit of guidance to redecorate, take a look at the big four interior home design trends that you shouldn't miss. Create an eclectic living room where you feel creative and inspired. Highlight the warmth and cosiness of your bedroom with the wicker and rattan trend. 

Fine details make a difference in interior home design. Take a look at the gold accents trend, a must-have in your dining area. The velvet trend needs no introduction. The interior design trends of 2022 await to inspire you even more in home decoration.

You can also use the latest design trends to remodel your garden, patio, or balcony. We discuss the latest materials, furniture designs, and decorations that make a difference in your outdoor décor. Do you want to set up a garden bar but aren't sure what's trending right now? Here you’ll find the best outdoor furniture designs and styling tips. Rattan is really fashionable, but what are the best rattan decorating ideas? Allow us to inspire you in designing a beautiful outdoor space.

Inspiration to create your dream home

Our inspiration corner gives you the perfect guidelines for your home-makeover. Discover the most popular interior styles and how you can turn them into trendy interior ideas. We’re focusing on interior styles and trends, furniture for every room, interior design materials, and interior colour trends. Dive right in and count on vidaXL’s inspiration corner to help you with home decoration!