Live it up for less!

We're a global online retailer based in the Netherlands, selling everything you need for your home and garden. We believe that you should be able to easily turn a house into a beautiful, functional home at every stage of your life.


You, too, can join our community and share your own vidaXL-inspired designs.

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Our vision

To make daily life
more affordable.

We promise to always do our best to be...

Affordably trendy.

Our online store will always include a large selection of items to choose from. We offer trendy, sustainable, practical and handmade items for affordable prices.

A one-stop shop: everything for your space.

From furniture to hardware, hobby items to décor, and baby stuff to party essentials; find what you need for every moment of your life.

Faster than physical furniture stores.

Enjoy fast dispatches for all items, big and small. Even more convenience through fast self-service with My Account.

Our timeline

From 2 people to 2000, and from 1 country to over 30! Find out more about our journey below.

2006 - The beginning!

Two young Dutch entrepreneurs decided to start selling products online on different sales platforms.

2008 - First online store

The business was going well, so it was time to start our own platform for selling. That year, our first online store was launched in the Netherlands.

2012 - First distribution centre

Several years later, we opened new offices in the Netherlands along with our very first distribution centre.

2013 - Launching in Australia

Sometimes, the greatest new opportunities are on the other side of the world! We opened up an online store in Australia.

2013 - New brand, new product line

Spreading joy into homes has been our biggest inspiration. In 2013, we started producing our own branded products and announced the vidaXL brand. Our name comes from: "vida" for "life", and "XL" for living life to the fullest.

2015 - Online stores in 30 countries!

In 2015, we reached a big milestone. We'd gone from a business of two to a global e-commerce business selling in 30 countries. All thanks to our customers!

2016 - Launching in the USA

Selling in the USA was a natural step forward on our adventure, after spreading our services across so many countries already. In 2016, we opened an online store in the USA.

2017 - dropshippingXL

We introduced the dropshippingXL program to help others who want to run their own business. Members can easily grow their businesses while we take care of the logistics. Learn more here!

2018 - New headquarters

We established headquarters in Venlo (Netherlands), where we could be part of the busy distribution centre.

2019 - Own factory

Until this year, we'd turned to other businesses for production, but we had wanted to make our products ourselves for a while. Finally, in 2019, we began to manufacture our own goods in our own factory.

2020 - Sponsors of a football team

The Netherlands is, without a doubt, a country that loves football. Being a Dutch company, we thought it would be only right to sponsor VVV-Venlo, a local football team.

2021 - Distribution hub

Our operations needed an upgrade to keep up with our growth. We opened up a distribution hub in Poland where a lot of our traffic can go through.

2022 - New adventures!

2022 was a big year for us. Our staff was meeting up at our offices again, and we celebrated the opening of new stores in Japan, the United Arab Emirates and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

2023 - Office opening in India

In 2023, we welcomed new staff members in our new office in Hyderabad, India!


  • ?Where is vidaXL based?

    We're an online-only business based in the Netherlands with our headquarters being in Venlo.

  • ?How do I contact vidaXL?

    You can explore all contact methods on our Help Center page.

  • ?Where to find vidaXL?

    You can find us online in 30+ countries. We're an online-only business.

  • ?Who owns vidaXL?

    The founders of vidaXL are Gerjan den Hartog and Wouter Bakker. You can find out more about their journey in our timeline above!

  • ?What are your company details?

    You can find our company details on our Help Center page.