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5 small city garden ideas



It’s very likely that when you rented or bought your new house in the city, the garden was de biggest selling point. It doesn’t matter how big it is, just having a little piece of ‘outside’ that is yours is enough. A place to soak up the sun, take care of your flowers or grow your own fruit, veggies, or herbs. We’ll share 5 tips to make your small city garden the perfect cosy retreat.


Start with a plan

Before you’re going to redecorate your city garden, there are some choices you need to make. If you have limited space, think about what you’ll mostly use your garden for. Is it reading, a bit of gardening, having a drink with a few friends, or just having your own morning coffee? Next to defining functionality, decide on the colours you want to use. You might not paint your garden walls, but this will help you choose accessories, flowers, and plants.


Plants in pots

Instead of creating large plant borders, opt for flowers and plants in pots. Choose different sizes and group them together. Depending on the style of your garden, pick different colours and shapes. By grouping pots together, you’ll create an organized look in your city garden.


This poly rattan basket set, consisting of 2 hanging baskets and with plastic bag inside, will provide your plants with a beautiful place to flourish. This metal garden raised bed would be a great choice for DIY enthusiasts to decorate their gardens, balconies or patios.  This wooden garden raised bed would be a great choice for DIY enthusiasts to decorate their gardens, balconies or patios.


Cosy seating area 

A small garden asks for small garden furniture. There is still plenty to choose from! If you’re a fan of dining outside, opt for a little bistro set. Other options are small lounge sets, a swing chair, or a two-seater garden sofa. Before buying your furniture, check where the sunny part of your garden is and make sure there is enough space to sit.

Add a romantic touch to your garden, patio, or balcony with this mosaic bistro set. It will be a great pleasure to chat with your friends or have a cuppa while relaxing on this decorative yet functional garden furniture set.  Whenever you feel like spending some relaxing time on the patio or in the garden, this garden swing bench with a canopy is a perfect retreat!  This rattan garden sofa and stool set will make a great addition to your outdoor living space. It will add a touch of modern elegance to your patio, balcony or garden with its understated, yet stylish design.


Designing your terrace

Large tiles are a great option for small city gardens, because they tend to make your garden look bigger. The colour of your terrace floor also impacts the way it looks. Go for light colours to brighten up your space.


Think vertical

City gardens with a small surface can benefit from vertical gardening solutions. Examples are a trellis fence with plants against it, small trees, a green (trimmed) hedge or a plant rack. By getting your plants off the floor, you create more seating or walking space.   


This extendable willow trellis fence could be used outdoors with a wide range of functions, such as offering a barrier for your house, keeping pets in or out, or simply for adding a room of privacy.   Add some greenery to your interior with this lifelike artificial bay tree plant. The bay tree is 125 cm high and will be the perfect choice for your home or office interior.  This black plant rack, with flower-patterned detailing, is a perfect choice to place your plants, which will be a real eye-catcher in any garden, patio or terrace.


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