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Safari style: the modern approach



The safari interior style is one of the prominent ones that only get better with time. It takes us back to the savannah theme, combining a classic and bold look with the raw beauty of the African culture. The way you add safari inspired furniture items to your existing design will help you create a home that stands out like no other.

Since the safari look allows a lot of creativity, you can actually use it in every room or corner of your house, including the outdoors. Integrating the safari look into your contemporary home design can be a bit challenging, since many things can go wrong. While every little detail is strong and bold, you can easily go overboard. To make sure you avoid the overcrowded savannah atmosphere, follow our tips below for creating a balanced and modern safari look.


The base

When you look into safari inspired interiors, you see an explosion of statement pieces, exotic vibes, and timeless finishes. It’s dynamic but also calming, warm and inviting, while it brings the unique mood of wilderness into your modern home. To be able to use all these extraordinary details, you need a strong base.


The right colour scheme – inspired by African landscapes

Go for neutrals and warm colours for a background that allows a lot of creativity. Take one step further with tones of chocolate, off-whites, khaki, and earthy shades of green. Don’t hesitate to play with stronger colours for inspiring contrasts that define the safari look. Terracotta is one way to go, while strong reds or blues will create outstanding focal points.

Evidently, you can’t have a safari look without animal prints – zebra, leopard, alligator. Depending on your colour scheme, use the animal prints through details and accessories, for a subtle savannah mood. Or, if you’re feeling more inspired, choose an animal print wallpaper next to furniture pieces in neutral tones.


Give your interior decor a little western flair and wild charm with our real cowhide rug! Soft and smooth, this cow skin rug will create a cosy and warm ambience in any room.     This wallpaper Exotic Monkeys is part of the Noordwand basic wallpaper line where you can find wallpapers for every type of room and everybody's taste.    Our modern rug with its beautiful zebra design will be an eye-catcher in every interior!


The materials

What is striking about the safari style, is the way you invite nature into your home. So, the materials have to be natural: exotic wood, rattan, bamboo, stone, linen, and cotton. Silk is perfect for décor accessories, while faux fur in moderation is a must.


The furniture

Designing a safari interior starts with the right furniture. We recommend colonial inspired pieces in natural but exotic wood like mango. Rattan is always a fresh approach, and it serves the purpose, just like bamboo does. Besides classic choices of sturdy tables, chairs with an intricate design, and bold sofas, don't forget about smaller items that will bring the safari magic to the room.


Our poly rattan chair is a perfect combination of style and functionality. It adds a touch of fun and comfort to your garden or patio!     If you're looking for a simple touch of the natural style as well as practical function, these distinctive coffee tables will do the trick.    Our teak mirror is more than a practical day-to-day object; it is also an attractive decoration for your home.


The details

Choosing the accessories is actually the best part of giving your home a safari look. Add a vintage chest, a hammock, or a leather butterfly chair to your living room. A divan works best with a patterned throw on it, surrounded by plants, and emphasised by an animal print or a jute rug. Curtains in neutral tones allow strong looking décor accessories to shine - room dividers, tribal elements like statues, masks, or wall art. Earth globes are simply stunning, and so are framed old maps.

The list can go on. Rely on your imagination and invite that hot and modern safari look into your home. It’s all about exploration, warm vibes, and calming nature, so let our top safari style picks inspire you. 


 Add some greenery to your interior with this lifelike artificial bamboo. The bamboo is 110 cm high and will be a great choice for your home or office interior.      This room divider, measuring 160 cm in width and 170 cm in height, is ideal for creating privacy or sectioning off a part of the room. It will make a practical as well as decorative addition to your bedroom, living room or office.      Wow your quests with your sense of style by serving them wine and spirits from this highly decorative globe bar!


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