Terms and Conditions of #sharemevidaXL

Hello 😊  

You have been transferred here because we really like your content and we;

vidaXL and its related companies (hereinafter ‘vidaXL’);

have requested your consent for the distribution of your audio-visual content ("Work ") on (inter alia) our websites, our social network accounts such as Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest ("Accounts"), the promotional emails and advertisement and all other marketing, promotional and advertising initiatives.

We are giving you the opportunity to have your Work advertised on our websites and in contributions to our Accounts. To this end, we are obtaining your explicit consent to make a comprehensive use of the requested Work as follows, and to use it commercially.

  1. You confirm that you are:
    1. A natural person of legal age;
    2. The user, owner, tenant, or any other title that entitles you to allow the transfer; and,
    3. The original author of the Work that you have shared.
  2. Without prejudice of part VII, by adding the hashtag #sharemevidaxl to your content, you agree to these Terms and Conditions and you grant us a right; free of charge, so you expressly waive to receive any compensation or remuneration from vidaXL as a result of this assignment; without territorial limitation, that is, for the whole world; irrevocable, so the license cannot be revoked or terminated under any circumstances, other than subject to provision VII in the agreement; perpetual, that is, of an indefinite duration; non-exclusive, so you can exploit the same Work and allow other licenses; transferrable and sublicensable; to:
  1. use, reproduce, distribute, publicly display, publicly perform, exhibit, and otherwise exploit the Work, in whole or in part, in each of our websites, our Accounts and all other media channels including our newsletter and print media, as we determine in its sole discretion. This expressly includes all known and unknown forms of Internet offerings;
  2. authorize others to use, reproduce, distribute, publicly display, publicly perform, exhibit, and otherwise exploit the Work, in whole or in part, in each of our websites, our Accounts, all other media channels including our newsletter and print media, without your consent;
  3. modify, edit, translate, store, include in collective works, or create derivative works of the Work in whole or in part without your consent.

  1. Furthermore, by adding the hashtag #sharemevidaxl on your Instagram content you confirm that the use of your Work does not breach any personality rights of third parties. If third parties are featured in your Work, you confirm that they agree to the present license of your Work.
  2. vidaXL shall be informed as soon as reasonably possible in the event of any copyright and personality right violations to be provided with the opportunity to take appropriate actions to mitigate any existing or potential damages and claims. vidaXL shall in no event be held liable for any breach of situations referred within part I, II and III of these Terms and Conditions. 
  3. For the use and distribution of your work on our Accounts, we might process necessary personal data, i.e., your audio-visual content marked with the hashtag or vidaXL brand mention, your account name and, exceptionally, other data that you may have published on social media (e.g. your e-mail address), in order to give you credit for your Work. You have the right to request access to your personal data, as well as rectification and deletion, or the limitation of processing, opposition to it and to withdraw your consent. You can make use of these rights by contacting [email protected]. You can find more information in our privacy-and-cookie-statement.
  4. You agree on any terms that we find best suited for vidaXL to give you credit for your work and confirm that we are not obliged to give you credit in any specific way.
  5. Either party may terminate this agreement in written or electronic form by giving two weeks' notice. If the case, you’ll need to notify us by sending an email to [email protected]. If you make use of this right to terminate the license, vidaXL will not be allowed to use your Work for the future. Any already published work/campaign, will not be amended/deleted and you will not have any right to request so.
  6. The site vidaXL, social media accounts, trademarks, logos, etc. are protected by intellectual property law. You acknowledge and agree that you do not acquire any Intellectual Property rights with regards to the above and any related content.
  7. Any amendment or addition to this agreement shall be in written or electronic form. Should an individual provision of this agreement or part thereof be or become invalid, this shall not invalidate the remaining provisions of the agreement. To the extent that a choice of governing law is permissible, this agreement shall be governed exclusively by the laws of The States General of the Netherlands.

Many thanks,

The vidaXL team