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The 4 big trends you need in your home


Redesigning your home is a very fun process. You get to decide on the look and vibe your home will have. Finding the right atmosphere for each room, while also making it functional doesn’t have to be difficult. You need inspiration to choose furniture and small details to give your home an identity. 

A starting point is finding out what you like. That’s why we created a guide on the most popular trends. Learn about the amazing eclectic trend and how to use it in your living room. Discover how the wicker and rattan trend can brighten up your bedroom and make it cosy. Add a touch of luxury to your dining area with gold accents. 
Each room of your home deserves to stand out. We recommend getting some inspiration from the lovely velvet trend. We share tips and tricks, furniture solutions, and accessories to match every trend. Let’s dive right in!


An eclectic living room

What makes the eclectic trend so special is the unexpected combination of elements. Create a balanced look mixing colours and patterns that don’t usually go together. For your eclectic living room, we recommend picking out a strong colour base and toning it down with neutrals. 

Opt for a modern sofa in a strong colour and add a wooden coffee table with a vintage design. Get an armchair in a bright colour and match it with a Scandi side table. Boho-inspired decorations will complete the look, next to a patterned rug. 



Wicker & rattan in your bedroom

If you want a warm and inviting bedroom, choose wicker and rattan for your bedroom furniture and décor. This natural materials trend has a soft effect. This way, you get a good night’s sleep and recharge for the next day.

Go for a bedframe made from natural ratan. Combine it with wooden nightstands with wicker insertions. Opt for neutral shades but add a touch of colour to brighten up the place. Don’t forget about bringing nature in; natural plants are perfect for completing the look. 



Fine dining with gold accents 

You want your dining area to look stylish and modern. After all, this is where you enjoy lovely lunches with your family. But maybe you also sometimes host dinner parties. That’s when a bit of glow helps. We recommend exploring the gold accents trend. 

Choose dining furniture that mixes wood with gold details. Opt for lighting fixtures that have a gold finishes for a beautiful atmosphere. A sideboard with a gold finish completes the look of your dining area, while offering storage space. Also look into golden cutlery or other small dining accessories for fancy dinners. 



Make a statement with velvet

The velvet trend invites us to make bold design choices. That is why the velvet trend is still very popular. Use this unique material to put parts of your home in the spotlight. Velvet makes a statement by itself. A velvet sofa will elevate your living room. Choose a velvet armchair for your cosy reading corner. 

Add velvet nightstands in your bedroom for a romantic look. Or maybe a lovely end-of-bed velvet bench. The cosy vibe velvet brings to your home makes it perfect for colder seasons. When decorating your home, invest in velvety accessories for a subtle touch of class. 





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