Industrial interior style

An interior design style that’s a little rough around the edges


The industrial style has its name from factories and other industrial buildings that have been converted into living spaces with high ceilings, large windows and concrete or wooden floors. Characteristics of this interior design style are rough, unfinished materials, like leather, wood and metal and neutral but vivid colours.


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It’s all about the materials

Materials are one of the main aspects of the industrial interior design style. Choose materials that create the right atmosphere like leather, concrete, (dark) unfinished wood, metal and rough fabrics. This combination of materials makes the room look warm and welcoming.






Something old, something new

Add a personal touch by combining your new industrial furniture with some thrift store gems, such as old lamps or a cabinet that you can polish up. The combination of old and new will take your industrial interior to the next level and will make it feel more personal and cosy. Tip: choose an item – either furniture, base material or accessories – as your hero pieces and build your interior around these to get a cohesive and balanced look.



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