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Tips On Creating a Timeless Interior Design  



Decorating your place takes a bit of interior design knowledge and research. But turning it into a home that stands the test of time - this requires a better understanding of your needs. A perfect ageless home has to suit your lifestyle, day-to-day habits and design preferences.

How can we create a timeless interior design that can easily adapt to trends and our ever-changing necessities? This is what you need to know about giving your home an ageless look!


Developing your personal style - It all starts with knowing yourself

Find what feels right. Start by analyzing your everyday needs and look for the best solutions for your ideal home. Do you feel more attracted to minimalist lines and a simple but bold design? Then we recommend playing with concrete, marble and metal in a cold colour palette.

Do you see yourself surrounded by warm happy vibes? Earth and clay tones combined with colours that pop, next to natural fabrics like wood, rattan, linen or cotton can brighten your living space. Regardless of your preferences, there are plenty of available choices in terms of interior design that can last for years to come. Giving your home a timeless look begins with creating a space especially tailored for you. 


 This 3-piece nesting coffee table set is the perfect alternative for small flats or wherever space is a bit limited. Its contemporary design makes this nesting table set a chic addition to your living room or bedroom.Our antique wall clock will make a great addition to your home decor!Our retro-style wooden TV cabinet features a black and golden finish and will add a touch of luxury to your living space. The TV stand can also be used as a side cabinet, HiFi cabinet, lowboard, etc.


Learn from the classics - Quality is a must

The most important aspect in designing a home that lasts through time comes from using quality items. The furniture you choose, the fabrics and decorations, every little detail counts when we’re talking about quality. Achieve greatness that lasts through classic pieces that bring value to your space.

Low-quality items not only deteriorate sooner, but make your space look cheap and unrefined. Go for strongly built furniture, natural fabrics and don’t be afraid to experiment with vintage items, as long as they pass the quality check. 


 This set of 2 French chairs features an elegant yet simple design which will complement any home. It ensures you a timeless quality that will never go out of style. If you are going for a French-European feel in your home, this French chair is the one. Our classic wooden desk exudes a vintage charm that will make it a distinctive addition to your home or office. It can also be used as a console table, computer table, side table and more.Our 2-seater chesterfield sofa combines comfort and sophistication with its classic design and will be a great addition to any interior.


Avoid trends or learn to integrate them

We’re all very excited about new trends and the huge popularity around them. But that’s something to avoid when trying to achieve an ageless interior design. Creating a space you’re going to love for years means staying away from fad trends. Timeless interiors remain timeless only through quality, simplicity and a dash of sophistication.

You don’t have to fear trends, though - as you can still bring the fashionable new styles into your home. Just make sure not to massively invest in today’s trends but choose small details to fit your design - decorations following new patterns or colours. This way, you can put a fresh spin on your classic design, without altering its value in time.


 Beautify your indoor living space with this charming handmade macrame wall hanger. It adds an elegant sense of art to your existing room decor. Featuring a rustic and trendy design, this solid wooden sideboard will make a decorative as well as practical addition to your decor. This beautiful chandelier, with a classic and elegant design, will make a great addition to any interior. It is suitable for residential and commercial use.


Balance makes it timeless

When looking at the greatest interior styles, we wonder what makes them timeless. Functionality is one of the first things that come to mind. Create a space that suits your needs and gives you purpose. Find balance and avoid overcrowding, when choosing furniture and a colour palette. Go for subtle but well established lines of design and enrich them with bold decorations. Strive for elegance investing in furniture and fabrics that age beautifully and learn how to incorporate technology into it in a tasteful way. 


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