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5 ways to style a Christmas dinner🎀 🎄



Presents are all wrapped under the tree and waiting to make everybody happy. The smell of cinnamon highlights this cosy Christmas atmosphere. You can’t wait for the lovely Christmas dinner – great food, jolly carols, and quality time with your family and friends.

The Christmas dinner is a special occasion and styling a beautiful dinner setup is so much fun. There are many ways to decorate a festive dining table that stands out. Based on your existing dining décor and style preferences, below are some lovely tips for styling a stunning Christmas dinner setup.


🤍 Simple and stylish 

It doesn’t matter if you’re planning a small family dinner or throwing a Christmas dinner party for your friends. Designing a simple, yet stylish festive dinner setup will get you into the Christmas vibe. Decorate a modern white dining table using accessories in a classic colour palette. Use an off-white tablecloth with red and silver details. Add white classic plates and silver cutlery. Place subtle decorations such as candle holders and Christmas wreaths in the middle of the table. 


⚜️ Natural finesse 

A Scandi Christmas dining décor is inviting and warm. Style a solid wood table in a natural finish with white table linen. Combine upholstered beige chairs with a dining bench in a minimalist design. Add a throw in neutral colours, to make it more comfortable. Set the holiday mood by using table accessories with gold accents. You can use the shared space on the table for simple decorations you can make with tree branches and metal candle holders. 



🌟 Festive romance 

A Christmas dinner setup doesn’t have to be crowded. Go for a lovely romantic vibe instead. Choose a mango wood dining table with hand-carved legs painted in white. Pair it with white chairs but add holiday comfy cushions. You can also dress the chairs in soft pink slipcovers that go well with an embroidered tablecloth. Get a festive mood with flower arrangements and gold details. Add cinnamon sticks next to string lights for a beautiful Christmas atmosphere.


🎍 Nomad flair 

Choose an atypical Christmas dinner setup. Pick a bohemian dining set that combines rattan with wood or metal. Invite nature in by using a colour palette with neutrals and greens. Place white plates, golden cutlery, and classic glasses. Decorate with pinecones, rustic table linen, and plenty of handmade candle holders inspired by natural shapes. 



👑  Fancy all the way 

With a dining room ready for an amazing party, your home will be all fancy this Christmas. If you’re inviting all your friends to celebrate together, opt for round bar tables and stools. Dress them in stretch table covers in gold, for a glamorous mood. An antique-looking chandelier is the perfect option to lighten up the party in a beautiful way. Decorate with metal accents for cutlery and table accessories. If the space allows it, add festive pillows, and throws on the couch, for a nice lounge area. 




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