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Slow Living – reasons why we love it





Over the last few years, we’ve been experiencing a need for going back to basics. But what does that mean, when looking at our hectic lifestyle? We have busy schedules, living in crowded areas, and dealing with the rapid development of technology. Naturally, we began feeling a strong need for a more peaceful rhythm.

This movement is relevant especially now after the global pandemic had such a disruptive influence on our daily life. Taking things slower, giving ourselves the time to enjoy the simple things is what we need. Known as slow living, this concept is a life philosophy that applies to every possible aspect. Including your home, and the way you choose to design your ideal lifestyle.  


What is slow design?

Some believe slow living stands for Sustainable, Local, Organic, and Whole (SLOW). It involves mindfulness, finding balance, and a slower pace of life. It also means avoiding hyper-consumerism, following fad diets, and the lack of substance in our decisions.

Although it started from the idea of slow food, slow living is now a whole movement. Since your home is the place to recharge and connect to what’s meaningful, slow design rapidly became a thing. Furthermore, the idea of slow design was greatly adopted and fast, due to changes caused by the pandemic. Having to spend most of our time at home, made us realize the true importance of the space we inhabit. Let’s find out what a slow living home means.  

The slow living concept found a great ally in interior design. Slow design follows several important principles:
·    Timeless choices rather than hip or popular
·    Environmentally sustainable design options
·    Cosy and warm ambiances
·    Meaningful approaches towards daily routines  



Choose sustainable and organic 

To cultivate self-awareness, we learn to look around. Making more environmentally conscious choices means more than being up to date with all trends. Slow design brought our attention towards natural materials & fabrics like wood, rattan, linen, and cotton. Textures that follow nature’s patterns help us find a balanced interior feel. The same goes for the colour scheme – neutrals next to happy colours, for a soothing mood.

Learning to appreciate durable furniture turned us towards charming vintage pieces. Integrating them into a simple and modern design brings a sense of meaning and value to every corner. Make sustainable and ageless purchases, for long-term well-being. 



This industrial-style wooden coffee table exudes a vintage charm and will make a timeless addition to your home interior.     Instantly introduce a flair of rustic style to your interior decor with our stylish solid wooden dining chairs!This unique coffee table will make a distinctive addition to your decor. It can also be used as a side table or end table.    


Valuable and meaningful purchases

Slow design is also supporting a countercultural philosophy. With organic and natural living in mind, we are learning to appreciate the art of craftsmanship. This revolves around furniture pieces created by artisans and local businesses, instead of mass-produced. By doing so, we add texture and depth to our home, through unique pieces. One-of-a-kind items come with a story, allowing us to create a home that expresses the core of who we are.  



Relax in our vintage inspired solid wooden rocking chair. Featuring an elegant and timeless design, it will be a practical and classic addition to any decor.      This set of 2 wooden shelves perfectly combines style and functionality. Simple yet elegant, this set is a great option to enlighten any wall in the room.      Instantly introduce a flair of rustic style to your garden or terrace with our solid wooden vase!


Home: a place of ease and balance

Turn your home into an oasis of calm and soothing energy. Put away your phone and other distractions, to connect to yourself. The slow-living design aesthetic encourages a broader balance between natural and modern.

Muted colour patterns and mindful furniture finishes encourage simplicity and inspire togetherness. Artisanal decorations and memorabilia displays add an intimate touch to every corner of your home. Take your time and know yourself, then build the home that allows a slow-paced rhythm. Embrace the slow living concepts that suit you and enjoy your meaningful and fulfilling slow interior design.



This wooden dining table adds an industrial look and makes an excellent addition to your kitchen and dining room.     Sit down on the pouffe or put your feet up on it and relax! Our modern and trendy woven/knitted pouffe will make a practical as well as decorative addition to your home decor.This wooden hall bench shows a simple style, which will make an eye-catching addition to your interior.    


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