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The perfect beach day: beach essentials




A day in the sun is a day full of fun. The ultimate list of beach essentials for a stress-free day.

Besides enthusiasm, planning a day at the beach involves packing a list of essentials to help you make the best out of it. Going solo, with your family, or friends, soaking up the sun will definitely recharge you and give you the break you need. To make sure you enjoy the salty breeze, there are certain beach items you can’t leave behind. Check out our guide on what you need to bring with you for a fantastic day at the beach. 


Comfortably enjoying the sun

Why do we love going to the beach so much? Relaxing in the sun, bathing in the sea, and making precious memories – this is what we’re looking for. Evidently, packing starts with your bathing suit, a beach coverup, lightweight towels, and the coolest pair of sunglasses.

To ensure a comfortable time lounging, you need a beach rug, or even better, foldable beach chairs. Don’t forget about the importance of staying hydrated. Pack your portable cooler bag to keep your snacks fresh, some insulated water bottles, and glass coolers. Protecting yourself from the scorching sun is a top priority, so be sure to bring along a parasol or an umbrella.  


The beach umbrella is made of UV protective and anti-fade polyester which is nice to block out the harmful UV rays of the sun.     Holidays are all about relaxation, so make yourself comfortable on these trendy beach chairs.     With this folding beach chair set, enjoy relaxing at the beach, campsite or a park.


Bring your own vibe 

Spending a day at the beach is all about disconnecting from the hectic city rhythm. Even so, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your own vibe at the seaside. Bring your portable speaker, to complement the sound of waves with your favourite tunes. A charged power bank keeps your phone alive, while a book or e-book reader is the best way to relax. 


Self-care at the beach

Besides avoiding the strong sunlight by laying down in the shade, sunscreen is a must. Add it to your list of beach essentials and use it before and after swimming. A SPF lip balm is always handy, same as an oversized beach hat. An after-sun lotion will help your skin cool down, while aqua-shoes are needed to protect your feet when going for a swim. If you’re spending a day at the beach with your kids, you can add a pop-up beach tent to your list, next to their favourite beach toys. 


Beach fun

Being at the beach is, indeed, relaxing. But some of us are looking to have fun. You might be into water sports, or simply wanting to enjoy some beach activities. Beach volleyball is one great idea, learning to fly a kite is another. If you’re into surfing, don’t leave your surf or paddle board at home and remember to bring your wetsuit. Plus, inflatable water toys will keep everyone safe and entertained, regardless of their age. 

With all these important items in your beach bag, you’re sure to have a perfect, worry-free day at the seaside. Once you cover all the necessities for being safely out in the summer sun, then ensure fun or relaxing activities, you know you’re going to have a blast. Remember to always take photos – bring a camera or use your phone – to return home with amazing memories for life.


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