Potted plant buried in snow

With each new season, your garden goes through important changes and processes. Winter garden preparation is one of them. Planting vegetables and seeing them grow is quite satisfying, as is harvesting. But late autumn is the time to take good care of your garden by ensuring that your plants, trees, and flowers will withstand the chilly weather. Continue reading...

Top 3 reasons to start planning your outdoor lighting now


Outdoor seating with string lights for ambience

ladecodecairo (Instagram)

The right garden lighting is truly a game-changer. Not only can you spend the entire summer sitting outside at night, but your garden will also be a little less dark in the fall and winter. Continue reading...

Make the best of your urban balcony!


Botanical urban balcony with rattan and wooden furniture

Everyone loves an urban balcony! It's easy to see why: living in the city, our need for peace and a connection to nature is strong. If you have an apartment balcony, no matter how small, you can effortlessly create your own serene oasis. Continue reading...

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