Dining Room Ideas & Décor Secrets

Interior · 15. April 2022






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Do you see your dining area as the most essential room in your home? Some suggest that the kitchen is the heart of the house, while others think that the bedroom is, as a pleasant and relaxing space where you may recharge your batteries. Because most homes with limited space do not have a separate room for dining only, dining rooms are sometimes disregarded.



But why should that stop you from enjoying that special spot that encourages bonding and conversation while also stimulating your appetite? Given the available space, you have the option of designing a breakfast nook or a fancy-looking dining room. Either way, your dining area can have the exact look and feel that you desire, without breaking the bank. Attention to detail is what makes a dining room welcoming and stylish, while the right furnishing makes it practical.

We've gathered some incredible styling secrets that, when combined with our furniture solutions, can help you design the dining room of your dreams. To further inspire you, we've turned to our very talented and creative vidaXL customers for some wonderful dining room styling ideas - see how our products look like in their beautiful homes!




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How to build your dining room setup




We've noticed a significant post-pandemic trend to get started on a dining room makeover which has also raised questions about how to organise your dining room setup. We think it is because people want cosier areas that fulfil their need for closeness and intimacy during this trying time. To get started, examine the room's size, the purpose you want to give it (are you going for a small and intimate eating space or are you planning to host some cool dinner parties?), and the aesthetic you would like to create.


A layout that works well in a large space is the classic big-table dining room. You might want to choose a rectangular table and pair it with 2 larger head chairs and smaller side chairs, or perhaps a dining bench. If you have an open space, you'll have to balance the practicality of your eating area with the comfort of the living room. A rectangular or oval table for six people that may also be used as a desk is the ideal option. Comfortable chairs are a must, as are portable chairs that will allow you more creative freedom. On the opposite side, you could create a leisure space with a sofa, armchairs, and coffee table, all of which would be perfectly tied together by a matching rug.




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Then there's the pass-through dining room layout, which looks best with a round table in the room's larger side and framed by a rug. This plan allows for the use of a chandelier above the table, which will give a lovely touch to the design; just make sure the light fixture's lowest section is 76-91 cm above the table's surface. To keep everything you need close to hand, place a buffet or side table against one wall, and a sofa on the smaller side of the room.



After you've decided on a dining room setup, the following step is to figure out what you need. The secret to a perfectly comfortable, stylish, and practical dining room is the balance between its look and feel. We're talking about putting up a design that enhances your dining room layout and - with the right furniture and accessories - transforms it into your favourite hangout spot.

This leads us to the next step, which is essential: selecting the right furniture and accessories for your dining room design. Continue reading for some helpful tips and expert secrets on choosing, then mixing and matching dining room furniture for a stunning décor.




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How to mix and match dining room furniture




If you've thought about your dining room style and know where you want to go with your design, we recommend starting with a dining table. It’s easy to become overwhelmed by the range of dining tables available. Why should you think about the shape, size, material, and style?


We believe that knowing a few key details, such as the number of guests you regularly accommodate and the shape that works best in your room layout, is beneficial. For example, rectangular or oval tables are timeless, with a shape that complements any interior style while providing a larger number of seats. Round and square tables are cosier, more inviting, and create a more intimate setting.

The chairs you pair with the table are just as important as tailoring your dining room to your daily-life necessities. This is your time to be daring and choose unusual dining room chairs. Of course, buying dining room furniture sets is a good idea because they help you create a well-balanced area. However, if you want to leave your mark on a magnificent dining room, you want to go for a one-of-a-kind look. Mix and match different materials or styles for your dining table and chairs, taking inspiration from the superb eclectic trend, for example.




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Dining room essentials & secrets to successful room makeovers




It's time to turn your blank canvas into a gorgeous dining room décor now that your dining room design meets your functional needs. We have plenty of ideas, as well as dining room essentials, to help you express your individuality and incorporate it into your dining design.


  • Styling secret no. 1: When selecting dining room decorations, keep your space in mind: its lighting condition, size, and the style of your choice - that's your blueprint. For example, a room with limited natural light can still be cosy and welcoming with the right lighting fixtures. You can choose a chandelier, either vintage or modern, and pair it with multiple lamps to create an ambiance that is ideal for after-dinner chats. On the other hand, layering curtains and drapes of different but rich materials can add depth and texture to a room with large windows.

  • Styling secret no. 2: Greenery and plants have the ability to make any room look more appealing and alive. If you can't grow natural plants (not everyone can), don't be too hard on yourself; artificial plants will do the job just fine.

  • Styling secret no. 3: You can be creative with your space and determine the best layout for you. If you have an open floor plan and want to split your dining and living rooms, just add room dividers. With such a wide assortment in various design styles, you'll have no problem finding the ideal divider to complement your dining room décor.




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  • Styling secret no. 4: Adding creative décor to your dining area can help you build the right atmosphere. It could be a lovely table arrangement, or it could be artwork or family photos displayed on a wall gallery close to your dining table. Furthermore, most people consider music to be an excellent mood enhancer, so why not install a sound system with multiple subtle speakers throughout your dining area?

  • Styling secret no. 5: Did you know there's a way to keep your dining room ready to greet guests at all times? This is something that those who are social will consider important. When you have guests over, adding plenty of storage space that fits the style of your modern dining room design helps you keep everything within reach, such as social games or tableware. You can choose from a variety of cabinets and side tables, as well as wine cabinets or wine racks.






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How to style a dining room table




When you're designing a dining area that's not formal but for everyday use, you might be wondering how to style your dining room table. You'll need dining room table accessories that are both functional and stylish. For a beautiful and neat décor, we propose placing a decorative tray for tableware or snacks, for example. To warm up the ambience, add a vase with fresh flowers and some flameless candles. Oh, and don't forget to add a home fragrance to your dining area that matches your scent preferences - this will infuse your personality into the room's feel.


If, on the other hand, you enjoy little DIY projects and want to revamp your dining room table, you might use table accessories such as changing the table top or the table legs. Small details like this can give your décor a personal touch and help it stand out from the crowd.