Showing Personality in Interior Design

Interior · 21. April 2022

Making a living space your own and turning it into a home is the most important part of designing or decorating it. The concept of creating a welcoming space that fits your personality and lifestyle is well-known, but what are the practical factors to consider?



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Have you ever walked into a home that appears to be perfect on paper? It's all set up nicely in terms of furniture, colour, and layout. Yet, it lacks heart and soul. What you're missing is cosiness: a hint of the inhabitant's personality, little details that make the home feel like a private space. This is where we come in: in addition to some fantastic furniture tips, we'll look at the most important factors to consider while creating a personal home style.

What your furniture material says about you

Do you appreciate quality and durability and don't want to replace your furniture frequently? If you value the timeless elegance of natural wood, for example, go for solid wood furniture. Cabinets made from reclaimed wood can be the perfect alternative for a sustainable approach - especially if you're into that special vintage flair.



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Are you the kind of person that lives a busy lifestyle and wish to come home to a simple, easy-to-maintain décor? Furniture made of metal or glass, such as TV stands or tables, reflect your preference for a minimalist design that allows you to experiment with transparencies, industrial coolness, and raw details.

Plastic furniture may be the ideal choice for a fun personality that prefers a more spirited environment. If you believe that the essence is in the details and you're a laid-back person who appreciates leisure time, rattan and bamboo are fantastic types of furniture materials for a boho chic décor that exudes serenity.

Why furniture shapes make a difference

It's no surprise that shape and form in interior design do speak a great deal about your personality. A spontaneous person who defies convention (basic rectangular shapes, for example) can feel more at home in a setting that contains round and oval shapes that have an inviting and warm vibe to them. Wavy forms and round edges also provide visual uniformity and are, as a bonus, more appropriate in households with children.

Right angles of 90° and clean, straight lines, on the other hand, are appreciated by individuals who desire a safe aesthetic without making any risky choices that may go out of style. Furniture pieces like our filing cabinets are some of the most practical and long-term safe alternatives. They are symmetrical, easy to place in most areas, and provide undeniable functionality for paperwork storage.



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Those embracing their willingness to try new things, and those who like to keep things free-spirited and youthful often remember a valuable part of shapes in interior choices: patterns and irregular shapes! They offer a whole world of self-expression in interior. There are endless pattern and shape combinations to include in your furnishing plans, for example, geometrical, abstract, and floral.

How furniture colours reflect your personality

Learning how to choose furniture colour is maybe the most enjoyable aspect of decorating your house. If you lead a busy lifestyle and consider your home to be your hideaway, a neutral colour palette that works well in a minimalist setting is a wonderful choice.


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To feel like they are in the heart of nature, even if they are in a city apartment, down-to-earth people that prefer a calming setting may wish to surround themselves with colours of the nature. If you're a calm person with a hint of whimsy, you can express it with small details that add a brilliant pop of colour or lively patterns, such as polka dots, in an otherwise calm and tranquil colour theme.

On the other hand, colour can also be used to show your brave and fun side, for example, by boldly mixing and matching colours around your home. Yellow is associated with bliss and positivity. Blue, green, and other colder shades create a calm and creative décor, while bold colours such as red or terracotta should be on your palette if you display a daring, always looking for inspiration type of character.



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The finishing touches that make your space your home

Your home is a reflection of your personality, and picking the proper décor is the final stage in the process. Your particular hobbies and tastes are reflected in the house accessories and décor you choose. In the hallway, a gallery wall with picture frames showcasing your memories or favourite paintings will create an instant impression of who you are and what things you value. A wall of family photos show your guest immediately that you are family-oriented and value the people in your life.

The lighting you select for your home also depends on your individuality. If you're a vintage fan, you might use several vintage lamps or a chandelier in your dining room to create a warm environment. Those who have a nostalgic tie to their childhood home may want to incorporate farmhouse-style interior design elements. Throws and pillows with rustic patterns will accomplish just that, adding cosiness to any living area. (Instagram)

Do you need help infusing your personality into your décor?

We've got you covered: meet our friendly vidaXL choice assistant, that will help you turn your house into a home. It only takes a few minutes to fill out several questions about your preferences, including the type of furniture you want, as well as the form, colour, and design. Our choice assistant will quickly come up with the best furniture selection that perfectly matches your personality. Try it out!